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Unveil the transformative power of clinical massage with Leah, your dedicated therapist boasting years of training and experience.

Perfect for sports injuries and a variety of conditions, specialising in chronic musculoskeletal pain, sciatica, migraines, frozen shoulder, and more.

She addresses systemic issues like fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis, while also providing relief for stress, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, grief, and sleep issues.

And some good old fashioned deep relaxation!!

Benefits of Regular Bodywork:

Pain Relief , Banish aches, restore mobility.

Stress Relief: Find tranquility amid chaos

Enhanced Circulation:Fuel your vitality.

Posture Correction: Align your body.

Flexibility: Boost your range.

Clinical massage aids in:

Chronic Pain: Effective relief.

Stress Management: Elevate well-being.

Injury Recovery: Faster comeback.

Posture Improvement: Say goodbye to pain.

Rehabilitation: Speed up healing.

Your journey to wellness starts now. Contact Leah for a happier, healthier you. Choose Light Living and experience personalised clinical and relaxation therapies tailored to your highest well-being.

Gift vouchers are also available.

New Guests // Consultation and Treatment 90 mins - £100

During the consultation, a thorough assessment is conducted to understand your needs.

Leah specialises in treating chronic musculoskeletal pain (back, neck, knee, etc.) and conditions like sciatica, migraines, frozen shoulder, and more. She also addresses systemic issues (fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis, plantar fasciitis). Also, helping with stress, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, grief, and sleep issues.

With personalised clinical and relaxation therapies for your highest well-being.

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Bodywork //60 - £70

Bodywork //90 - £100

Upon arrival, find convenience with parking available right on the drive, ensuring a stress-free start to your session.

Attire: Opt for comfort! Wear loose, comfortable clothing to enhance your relaxation during the massage. I want you to feel at ease.

Communicate your preferences – it's your time for tailored tranquility.

During Your Massage: I will guide you through the process, bringing us both in to mindful presence.

Post-Massage: Take your time back in to your day, ensure hydration and keeping warm. Take the lingering calm with you throughout the day.

A collection of sessions are available for committing to your regular treatment goals

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Fusion // Body | Soul //120 - £140

Step into your personal sanctuary—a two-hour session crafted for your spirit and heart. Experience soulful introspection followed by grounding bodywork, a transformative journey just for you. This isn't just a session; it's an investment in your well-being, celebrating your transformative power. Welcome to a place where healing is an art, and you are the masterpiece.

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Half day Personal Retreat // 3h - £250

Come join me for a 3 hour bespoke half-day retreat to reset and recharge. We'll co-create a safe space for you to meet yourself where you are and discover the wisdom of your soul's plan through a customised morning or afternoon retreat. Treat yourself to delicious refreshments as we unwind your mind and body with a personalised full-body realignment session or energy balance. Leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and refocused. Plus, enjoy a 30-minute follow-up session two weeks later to keep your progress.

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