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Welcome to your Sanctuary

Embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery with tailored services designed to meet you exactly where you are. Whether you crave a single session to untangle your mind and gain a fresh perspective, or if you seek the support of a longer transformative journey, our profoundly safe and loving space awaits you.

Is it your mind and heart that long for space? Perhaps your body is calling out for attention—whether it's an iron-out session or a comprehensive series to unearth the roots of your pain, discomfort, or immobility.

Dive into our weekly movement class, a haven for rest, deep breaths, mindful movement, and a chance to process the events of your week. Our offerings extend beyond traditional boundaries, weaving together the realms of bodywork, movement medicine and Soul Counsel.

At our Light Living sanctuary, we are dedicated to supporting your path to healing and growth. Choose the service that resonates with you, and let us guide you toward a renewed sense of well-being. Your journey starts here.

Leah Thomas


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