Soul Counsel


What do you need?

The Counsel Collection

If it a single session to untangle your mind and gain new perspective or longer term support you need, a very safe and loving space is here for you.

be seen, heard and held

How can I help you?

I hold for you a safe, non judgmental and healing container for you to bring whatever may be tangling your mind and weighing on your heart.

This space is created to hold and see you.

Maybe you haven’t been understood or acknowledged or even a bit overwhelmed by the world.

I’m here to support you in nourishing your unique bodymind to truly thrive. Using a blend of spiritual counselling, core issue therapy and somatic coaching, we are able to:

*Get clear on what it is you do want to experience in your life

*Become aware of any separation patterns/blockages/ stories or beliefs, explore and experience healthy interventions

*Bring back and integrate parts of yourself

*Become clearer on your purpose

*Reconnect with your true wisdom

*Design sustainable systems that support you to thrive in your life and the world.

My desire for you is...

*to feel safe, supported and seen

* for you to get clear on how you want to be in the world and connect with your true nature to feel and know your worth and value

*to build your self esteem and confidence to understand your sensitive nature as a unique trait and to tap in to the strength that it brings to understand, accept and love all aspects of yourself

*to know you aren’t alone

*for you to have the tools, systems and strategies in place to support and nourish you to thrive in your life.

Single Session

60 minutes

Experience a transformative 60-minute somatic coaching session that invites you to rediscover spaciousness within yourself and reconnect with your inner centre. Immerse yourself in the present moment, gain fresh perspectives, and leave with actionable steps to propel you forward on your journey.

Soul Expansion

2.5 hours

Embark on a profound 2.5-hour Soul Plan session, delving deep into the blueprint of your soul's journey to attain clarity and profound insights into your present path. Following this exploration, we create a healing sanctuary to release stagnant energies, making room for the clarity and guidance that will lead you to your next steps.

Soma Nourish


Embark on a transformative 7-week somatic and spiritual journey, a healing and inquisitive exploration that guides you to discover the essence of your true self. This self-study experience is designed to nurture your being on all levels, offering a path toward profound self-awareness and holistic nourishment.



A 7 week Soul Somatic Journey

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